Artificial Grass

How to choose which iGrass product is right for you:

For the very best, our top quality and for the wow factor – Insignia and Identity are perfect!

For a good all round quality grass, to sit on and admire, the Architect is for you!

For hard wearing, getting lots of use and play, the Invictus is the igrass for you!

** all grasses are perfect for wear and tear, all are perfect for gardens, playgrounds, round swimming pools, on roof terraces and in shaded gardens.

All our iGRASS products are guaranteed for 7 years for UV Stability and 5 years against Product Failure.


a very lush, dense 40mm pile height grass with a bright green tone. This has the C shaped yarn on it, which means the blades of grass want to stand up and stay up – giving it a stunning look and all year round. If you fancy a bit of luxury and top of the range, then Insignia is the one for you!


A very popular 30mm grass. This is a two tone grass, with shades of olive and green blades mixed. It is a very realistic green tone and with the honey beige thatch running through it, this almost looks like real grass!

Invictus 30

This is a bright, vibrant, bold coloured green grass, with a 30mm pile height. This has the new technology of the V shaped yarn running through each blade – making this grass a very resilient, robust and hard wearing grass. Ideal for playgrounds, and areas getting a lot of play and usage.

Identity 35

this is a beautiful, top quality 35mm pile height grass. This has the new technology of the V shaped yarn within every blade of grass, making it a very resilient, “bounce back effect”  grass. With a lovely mixture of rich green tones and if you fancy a longer pile, then the 35mm is for you!