Railway Sleepers

Architecturally striking and surprisingly adaptable, our sleepers are perfect for use in gardens and landscaping projects of all sizes.

Traditionally employed to separate specific areas or as retaining walls, sleepers are also ideal for vegetable plots, raised beds, steps, pathways and patios. We offer a choice of New Spruce sleepers in lengths of 2.4 metres or Reclaimed Vintage Hardwood sleepers in lengths of 2.6 metres, delivered directly to you.

Whether chosen for aesthetic appeal or practical qualities it is important to select carefully, Bletchley Turf only supply premium, responsibly sourced and properly treated sleepers. We are always happy to offer advice about their correct use, some of the vintage hardwoods for example, might not be appropriate for use as seating or decking.

We can also help with tips on the best way to install your sleepers, the type of fixing required and their care and maintenance once installed.

Sleepers make a fabulously durable, attractive addition to any garden but they are of course extremely heavy and care should always be taken when moving.

We hope that you choose Bletchley Turf, we love gardens as much as you do and we are always delighted to see our sleepers go to good homes.

New spruce sleepers

New spruce sleepers. 2.4 m long  200x100mm. Ideal for planters, steps or holding back ground.

Vintage Hardwood Sleepers

Reclaimed, vintage hardwood sleepers, perfect for planters and retaining ground.