Customer Advice

Whilst turf does have superior keeping quality it must be recognised that all turf is a perishable product. During times of higher temperatures there is a much greater risk than normal that turf will suffer from heat stress; please remember the following points:

Be prepared:

  • Ensure the ground is fully prepared before the turf arrives.
  • Water the soil before laying turf if very dry.
  • Have sufficient help/labour on site to lay the turf quickly.
  • Turf should be laid as soon as it arrives.
  • Thoroughly irrigate turf after it is installed. You may need to commence watering large lawns prior to laying all the turf.
  • If turf is heating up in the roll, lay it out as soon as possible to allow it to cool.
  • Where applicable take turf from more than one pallet at a time. Do not finish one pallet before starting the next.
  • Never water turf whilst it is still rolled up.